Some useful tips for helping college students find the perfect summer internship

Internships are like the boarding ticket on the plane to a dream career for college students. Every student strives to intern at their dream organizations in hopes that a good performance could land them a job offer from there. If you are lucky enough to find the right kind of internship it could give your career a great start. And with summer fast approaching almost every college student is trying his hands to get an internship. However, with the sky-high competition, upcoming exam season and confusion of where to apply a student often misses out on some really good internship opportunities. But you need not worry, for we have compiled for you a list of some effective tips and tricks to help you find the perfect summer internship.      

Figure Out Your Interests

Being confused or unsure about your career interests is nothing uncommon. It’s a phase that every college student goes through but you have to learn to narrow down your choices as much as possible. Like, say bringing it down to 2-3 areas that you can explore and experience firsthand before finalizing on one of them. If you think you need help, talk to someone like your parents, teachers or go to a career counsellor, read about the job profiles of your interests online. But the best way to determine whether you are cut for the job or not is to intern at an organization in that industry. You get to experience the industry first hand and understand whether it’s your calling or not. The point here is simply to convey that instead of rushing to apply to a lot many of organizations better apply at a few that interest you. Not to mention, that the summer internships are one of the longest stints at internships that you get so, try and make the best of it doing something that you’d actually enjoy and benefit from.

Design A Professional Resume For Yourself

The first step of applying for an internship at any organization whatsoever is sending out your application to them which is undoubtedly a well-drafted resume and a good portfolio. Most college students, however, draft a resume for themselves the first time ever when sending out applications for internships. Hence, a lot of these resumes are mistake prone and unprofessional thus, fail to catch the employers eye. Remember that for an employer all the applicants are unknown to him and no matter how good a student you are unless your resume reflects that your employer wouldn’t know about it. A good professional looking resume is important to leave a positive first impression on the interview or the recruiter.

Learn New Skills

More and more students have started seeking internships in the last few years. Today, both the educational and corporate fields are more competitive than ever before. And if one is to make a place for himself in this cut-throat completion that we all are a part of then, you need to keep yourself updated with the progress in your industry. It’s all the more hard to get a good internship at some big organization. But if you have the right skill sets and have sound knowledge of the current trends of the industry then you could make a break for yourself. So, once you are clear about what kind of internship you want to do make sure that you keep updating your skills and learn new things about it at regular intervals. Like for example, you are interested in writing content for digital platforms having a sound knowledge of SEO is important. They make good add-ons for your resume and giving you an edge over your fellow competitors.

Research The Organizations

Understanding and familiarizing yourself with the organization that you wish to work for is very important. Research about them and try to analyze whether it’s the kind of place you’d like to work at. Try and connect with past or current employees of the organization and ask about their views. Researching about the company will also help you curate your application according to the needs of the organization. Even when you appear for the interviews if you are able to relate your answers back to the company’s vision or speak their language you will have an edge over other employees.

Apply and Be Prepared For Interviews

Before sending out an application to any organization make sure that you are ready to appear for interviews. If you feel that you need to give a few mocks or do some practice sessions make sure you wrap it all up before you send out the application. For once the application is sent out you must be ready to appear for the interviews at the earliest possible. Also, practice answers for some commonly asked questions so as not to fumble when sitting with the interviewer. 

Follow Up after the Interview

Having appeared for the interview is not enough, make sure to send out a thank you email after coming back. Also, utilize this opportunity to remind them of you and highlight the reason as to why you’d love to intern for them. There are a lot of times when HR’s miss out on an application it’s not because you weren’t worthy of the position but simply because it slipped off their mind. But are they to be blamed for that? Certainly not, they get loads of resumes on their desks every day and forgetting about one or two is quite possible. So, follow up with them to make sure that your application doesn’t get lost in the pile of applications lying on their desk. Also, a follow-up shows that you are genuinely interested in the position. Thus, adding more credibility to your profile. 

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Make sure the Internship is right for you

Remember, that you are interning to understand whether this is the field you’d like to build a career for yourself in or not. But you need to be quick in making that decision for the highly competitive world we live in makes it imperative the person be exceptionally good at what they do. Otherwise, the chances of you being replaced are quite high, there are a lot of other people vying to take your position from you. So, unless and until you enjoy the work you do how will you give it your 100% and be the best at it? Hence, you need to make sure that whatever you do, it’s the right thing just don’t do something for the sake of it.

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Think about what you want from the internship

Whenever starting with an internship, try and jot down a list of things that you are looking to gain or learn from that experience. A lot of companies also ask this question during the interview session. Make sure that you have something to look up to in that experience. Don’t do any internship just for the sake of doing it. Utilize it as a learning as a stepping stone to your dream career. Make sure you make the best of the experience.

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To Conclude,

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