Rakuten Mobile verifies data transfer on 5G SA network in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of TechnologyNEW DELHI; Rakuten Mobile Inc. said it has successfully verified data transfer on a 5G Standalone (SA) mobile network in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) on July 4. 2021, at Tokyo Tech’s Ookayama Campus.

The data transmission was carried out using a 5G-SA compatible device on the 5G network at the campus for verifying the 5G SA connection.

Rakuten Mobile has already started deploying 5G SA functions on part of its commercial 5G network from June 24, 2021.

As per the Tokyo-headquartered company, it will use the findings of the verification to improve the quality of its 5G SA network, and gear up for the full launch of commercial services.

“Rakuten Mobile plans to conduct further trials of other 5G SA functions, including network slicing and edge computing. Rakuten Mobile is also collaborating with Tokyo Tech on other trials utilizing 5G networks and the two organizations are developing technologies for applications of 5G to benefit society,” it said.

It should be noted that a 5G SA network uses 5G technology throughout, from the radio access network (RAN) to the core network. 5G SA is also expected to enable telcos to leverage the high-capacity and high-speed, low latency, and massive connectivity of 5G.

Additionally, it also allows for advanced network functions such as network slicing, which will enable telcos to provide services suitable for a wide variety of use cases.

As for Rakuten Mobile’s 5G SA network, it runs on the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP). Using containers and microservices, all functions from the RAN to the core network run as cloud-native network functions (CNF).

Earlier this year in March, Rakuten Mobile’s 5G network achieved a throughput of 1.77Gbps on Altiostar’s Open RAN network.

The 5G network leverages massive MIMO and millimeter wave (mmWave) radios and covers both sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands.

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