Technologies are the drivers for socio-economic development and its benefits are driven by high rates of innovation with its acceptance in organizational culture.

Created On: Jul 5, 2021 14:51 IST

Are Management Graduates Ready to Lead the Industry 4.0?

Technologies are the drivers for socio-economic development and its benefits are driven by high rates of innovation with its acceptance in organizational culture. The increasing uses of automation and artificial intelligence in business processes are creating new opportunities and challenges for management professionals. The strategic advantages which are leveraged through the innovations in technologies requires sustainable approaches for its holistic strategic benefits. Industries are welcoming these innovations, due to its long-term impacts on cost reduction and quality enhancements of business processes.  MBA or PGDM students are expected to be equipped with data analysis skill and sufficient expertise in the uses of software.  Are the B-Schools ready for it?  How B-Schools are providing training to its MBA or PGDM students to face the challenges of Industry 4.0?. These are the crucial questions, which must be answered by the leaderships of a world class Business School.   

The workplace for new generations of management professionals is changing and today’s scope of works are very complex due to high dependencies on Information Technology. It is based on data, connectivity and resilience. The academics of a world class management institute must be aligned to these latest trends of industry in such a way, that graduating students should develop a mindset for acceptance of the culture of innovations and resilience.  The curriculum and pedagogy of PGDM Programs at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, are scientifically designed to provide competitive edge to its graduating students for best placements. It is based on clearly defined and measurable outcome-based learning to prepare the graduating students to face the challenges of Industry 4:0 and lead it.  Besides its PGDM Programs, the international collaborations for MBA Healthcare Management  from RUDN University, Moscow, Russia and M.Sc. in Big Data and Business Analytics program of FOM University, Germany are providing good opportunities for the aspirants to get International Degrees at affordable costs.  

Organizations are investing heavily in developing its capabilities for data connectivity, analytics and intelligence. Manufacturing and service sectors are implementing various technology standards for operational efficiencies. The management graduates who are willing to lead the industry 4.0 with their professional competence, should have data-driven decision-making skills and longer-term vision of technology. They are also supposed to be disruption drivers and talent champions. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi is offering dual specializations in all functional areas of its Two Years Full Time AICTE approved PGDM Programs. The introduction of Business Analytics as specialization and Six Sigma certification are helping its PGDM students to be ready to lead Industry 4.0.

-Dr Anant Srivastava
Professor (Information Systems & Analytics)

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